About Us and Our Policies

Mother and children in Syria who has just been given some of our blankets from the Knit for Kids project


…Is a registered charity supporting children and families living in shanty towns, streets, barren mountain and rural schools.

We work for the alleviation of child poverty & the support of under-privileged people as they struggle for survival, progress & social justice. We achieve our objectives by working with existing community groups and organisations who require external funding & assistance .

We create & support new initiatives for families living in poverty & help them to acquire the skills necessary for independent living.

All projects are researched by UK trustees and all our funding is delivered directly to approved projects, bypassing other agencies. We have no paid workers & are entirely dependent upon voluntary contributions. Compassion Direct UK makes sure that the money you give is given directly to those who need it most.

Why Choose Us

Because we live in an interdependent world, CDUK believe that sound environmental & educational choices made in the UK and overseas are vital to the future well-being of our planet. We look for & encourage environmentally friendly solutions, projects and UK fundraising whenever possible.

Our vision

CDUK is run by professional volunteers who help on the ground to bring people a future with hope.

Our support is practical, sustainable, environmentally aware & focused on empowering people to help themselves. Every project is different with its own special requirements which are discussed with one of our trustees so that we work together to get it right!

We aim to promote good environmental practice in all our projects. We have no paid employees and are entirely dependent upon volunteers and voluntary donations

All funds are delivered directly to projects making sure that the money you give will be used as it should be, bypassing all other agencies.

Our history

Background to CDUK Read about the way that CDUK has developed

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CDUK dug this school a well so that they could plant trees and a garden for fresh fruit and vegetables as well have fresh water'

Our Policies

Fundraising Regulator

CDUK are members of the Fundraising Regulator
self-regulatory scheme

The Fundraising Regulator works to ensure that organisations raising money for charity from the public do so honestly and properly.

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Compassion Direct UK use the word compassion by agreement with a US Christian charity whose UK name Compassion UK is similar & should not be confused with our charity CDUK.