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Our Projects

These mountain school children had never had running water before CDUK gave them a well.

CDUK raise money in the UK to give some of the poorest and most disadvantaged people of the world opportunities to get out of poverty and live independent lives. We give to communities directly in need in consultation with local groups. When CDUK began in 2003 we supported people living in shanty towns in Argentina and then moved on to helping rural mountain schools without water, nutritious food and basic facilities.

CDUK have provided wells, fruit trees, a woman & child development center, vegetable gardens, wind turbines, educational materials, libraries, rainwater harvesting tanks, industrial sewing machines, hand knitted clothing via our Knit for Kids Project and sent urgent aid to refugees in Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Ukraine & Europe and much more.

The Rev. Dr. Alan Cartwright Memorial Project

"Renovating an aging rural primary school in Ashanti, Ghana" a project after Alan's heart..

Our valued and much loved Trustee Alan Cartwright died in December 2016. Having lived and worked in Africa in the past, Alan always hoped that CDUK would find a suitable project to support on the continent but our paths moved in other directions.

Now we have found an aging primary school in Mampong, Ashanti, West Africa that really needs our help. Will you help us to dedicate this project to Alan's Memory?

The school needs electricity, water, new floors and roof, pens, paper, chalk, it lacks all basic necessities. The 176 pupils, aged from 4 - 12 are from low waged or unemployed cocoa farmers and miners, whoes children have to compete with their city peers but have often never seen a computer.

Please help us to help this school, go to our donate page or click the donate button at the top of the page, the more you give the more we are able to achieve.

Visit our Facebook page CompassionDirectUK, read about our practical projects, we are run entirely by professional volunteers.

Makeshift Toilet Facilities

Here you can see the three main classrooms

Cooking and washing takes place outside

The Story So Far.....

With your support we have started work on our renovations at Kyebi primary school but there is much that needs to be done.

First we raise the money – no easy task these days, then Ros had to visit the school and get permission from the Chief of the village, meet he teachers and suppliers. She took lots of useful gifts with her.

When Ros arrived at the school she was presented with flowers by a pupil in native dress and she met the students and teachers.

We then commissioned a geological survey to see where water might be found.

More to Follow......

In November 2017 work was started on a bore hole at the school.


Florencio Varela

CDUK received £10,000 from Exotix Ltd so that we could build and equip a Woman & Child Development Center in partnership with the Carlos Almiron Cooperative in Florencia Varella, a shanty town on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The building was constructed by the local community in consultation with one of our trustees and has large community room, kitchen and an organic garden with an orchard to supplement the poor diet of the residents.

The Center annually supports 100 mothers with young children, many of whom are victims of violence and abuse.

The Center provides emotional, educational and social support, respite and useful training workshops. The emphasis is on self help activities which lead to a financially productive and safer future.

Morning activities with professional social workers, psychologists and lawyers, discuss addiction, violence and anger management, sexual health and hygiene, AID's/HIV and family planning, childcare and parenting skills, legal rights, employment opportunities, budgeting and nutrition. Afternoons focus on the creative arts and culture, reading writing, local industries, gardening and care of the environment.

CDUK's grant paid for the construction of the building and for the professionals to assist clients for 6 months until the Argentine government took over the running of the project.


Quilmes, Buenos Aires Province

It is very difficult for single mothers to get work to support their families once potential employers know that they live in the Shanty Towns and that they have dependent children. The Shanty Towns have a reputation for dishonesty, violence and drug dealing as well as drug and people trafficking, prostitution and all types of crime.

In 2009, CDUK began a project to set up a sewing workshop to help single mothers with dependent children make a living. The sewing workshop helps the women to learn a trade and earn money to support their families.

CDUK provided two industrial sewing machines, cottons, materials, scissors etc. needed to equip their new sewing workshop. Regular classes are now been held and the mothers are really enthusiastic to be doing something so positive. We are helping this Group to become self sufficient and to assist other mothers to learn similar skills from their colleagues. CDUK worked with the Municipalidad - local council, to provide safe electrical wiring which previously hung down from the walls and was dangerous to all. CDUK provided the materials and the Council provided the labour.

CDUK also provided the project with equipment to set up a kindergarten including 20 tiny chairs

Lita and volunteer choosing materials at a warehouse for the new sewing project.

CDUK also provided the project with equipment to set up a kindergarten including 20 tiny chairs

Carlos’ Vision Realised

A retired baker, Carlos and his wife Lita lived in a small space in a dry area of an old abattoir on Villa El Matadero, an ancient shanty town near the River Plate. They lost their home and jobs when the peso was devalued in 2002.

Carlos learned to make cheap bread to sell to people on the villa and saved the small profits he made to to create temporary roof shelters inside the abattoir so they could use some of the derelict space for a kindergarten and community room.

The old roof leaked and the building was full of rubbish and rubble and frequently flooded. Eventually Red Cross Argentina, whose members held health clinics and knew of Carlos and Lita's wonderful work got in touch with Red Cross Italy.They funded the building of a new roof on the Abattoir, plastered the walls and provided electricity and toilet facilities. Red Cross Argentina got in touch with CDUK to see if we could support this group further.

Carlos whose face beamed in pride and pleasure each time he talked of how he and Lita made the new area useful to residents. He moved his old oven into one section and when Ros from CDUK saw it it was full of newly baked pizzas. Otherwise they had only a few tables and chairs in a vast empty space. CDUK are helping Carlos and Lita to create a useful community area in this building.

Unfortunately Carlos had a stroke in 2009 and was unable to walk and was fed through a tube. This kind and generous man needs all your good wishes to help him on a road to recovery. CDUK obtained a wheelchair for Carlos and he is now able to be more independent and is much improved.

The community work at the project continues guided by Lita and her sister and the Centre is now only requires some internal building work and security outside!

Carlos and his wife Lita.

CDUK collected and delivered dozens of bags of clothing and boxes of books for this project and here you see them in the newly installed shelving.


CDUK donated two Industrial Sewing Machines, leather and a fire in 2008 so that project workers can work during the winter. This workshop helps young people to learn the skills necessary to make a living in a country of severe under-employment.

The small amount of money they earn making leather purses, handbags, key rings etc. to sell to tourists in the tree lined avenues of Buenos Aires may be all that supports their families.


This shanty house in Villa Lujan is home to 5 families and could be where some of the leather workers live.

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